ScrumWorks Pro 4: The Future of Program Management

Most agile methodologies were created to be used with small teams who are all located in the room. So what happens in agile environments where there are many teams, some of which are un-collocated, working on complex development projects? The answer is to employ an agile tool. However, agile tools have historically focused on communication and collaboration—that is, they have been most effective at simply uniting team members who are geographically distributed, ensuring that everyone is apprised of task progress and other critical updates. But as agile methods continue to grow in popularity and are increasingly adopted by large organizations, agile management tools must keep pace with the amplified complexity of developing software within such environments.

One of the most common challenges faced by such organizations is program management. That is, because many organizations develop product features that will be utilized across a range of products, it is necessary to monitor progress at the program level (where the completion dates of various product features converge to create the product itself).

Luckily, software publisher Danube Technologies has been paying close attention to the problems faced by agile practitioners working within deeply complex development environments. Its ScrumWorks Pro tool has always delivered great collaboration and task management functionality, but now ScrumWorks Pro 4 addresses the need for a robust program management platform with the concept of “Epics.” Epics allow users to create cross-product themes at the program level, which, in turn, percolate down to the constituent products. In essence, an Epic is like an uber-PBI, which has its own scope and allows organizations to gauge progress not only at the Epic level, but also across multiple products, a single product, or programs.

This is a major step forward in program management. You can read more about this release of ScrumWorks Pro.

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