Enterprise Agile?

“Agile development used to be relegated to small-scope software development projects. No longer, says IBM’s vice president of development transformation and integration. She argues that Agile can adapt to the most complex of development projects.”

When I read that subhead for an article authored by IBM’s VP of Development Transformation and Integration Sue McKinney, I admit I was expecting to read about how well agile methods scale for enterprise-sized corporations and even hoped to read something about how IBM had managed to pull it off. Unfortunately, it’s a pretty basic overview of what agile is and what it enables. If you’re new to agile management and want a good introduction, then it’s a valuable read. But if you’re looking for ways to lead your enterprise into scaled agility, you might be a little disappointed. Still, I believe that agile principles find the right mix of structure and flexibility to survive at an organization of any size, so this was another proof point that it can happen—even at IBM.

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This post was written by admin on February 10, 2009