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One of the best ways to illustrate how agile and Scrum can transform the way an organization manages its development is through case studies. Rather than simply saying that agile methods will streamline processes, reduce cycle time, and improve product quality, a case study illustrates how agile and Scrum can achieve those things. Moreover, theyÂ’re inspirational. When you can see that someone at another organization has experienced the same challenges and worked through them to successfully implement agile, it gives you the confidence to embark on that journey yourself.

Do you have an agile or Scrum transformation story youÂ’d like to tell? If so, please post them here in the comments. To make things interesting, the person who submits the best one will receive a free iPod Nano.

Please make sure that the story you submit contains the following three sections:

  • The Problem. What was going wrong at your organization that made you decide to implement agile or Scrum?
  • The Application. Once your organization decided to use Scrum to surface dysfunction and transform its processes, how did you go about doing it? What were the first steps you took? Was it an organization-wide adoption or just on the team level? Did you use training or tools?
  • The Solution. What was the result? Can you quantify the improvements that Scrum and agile helped realize? Have other teams at your organization begun adopting agile management techniques?

I look forward to reading your stories. Deadline for submission is Dec. 31, 2009 and please try to keep your case studies to between 500 and 750 words.

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  1. alejandro August 23, 2011 1:26 PM

    hellow My name is Alejandro Felipe Gimeno, i works in a internal developer department of a company and this is my idea how may be apply agile metodoloy to a company :
    DICAM : Development Internal Company Agile Metodology.
    DICAM is a agile metodology applied to internal company departments. The current agile metodologies are focus to companies that only makes software, but there are a lot of companies that have a developer departments and they work in a different markets that the software maket . The employment of thouse companies must fight every day with their enviorment and their company business.
    It could be more people in the team (mixed-roles ) but it’s so important that thouse three roles are in the team.
    In this metodology are three main roles :
    The wised man : this rol is aplied to person who has most tecnical knowlege in the department.
    This rol have three main responsabilities in the company :
    1 ) analyze how best to implement a project using the technical resources available in the company. Before to start making a new Project, the wise man have to measure up the company resources to make the new proyect , how it must be hosted this proyect and the best tecnology (java,net.perl, etct ) to develop this project in the company enviroment.
    2) try to improve and upgrade the company resources (for example try to upgrade java versión,server versión etc). He is the person who researchs for new version of company tools .
    3) share his knowledge with the rest of the team.
    The bussines provider: this rol is applied to person who has most bussines knowlege in the company. This person use to be the oldest person in the company. This rol have four main responsabilitys in the company :
    1) After the tecnology measures are decide to the new Project ,he has to propose how is the best way to develop the Project according the kind of users , he is the person who know better the users of the company.
    2) Check that the new proyect is according with the business of the company .
    3) Check if it were a change of bussines of the company , he will report to the rest of the team , the changes to make in the old proyects.
    4) share his knowledge with the rest of the team.
    The King : this rol is used to apply to the boss of department , the King decide how is the way to make the proyect , he decided becouse he rules (he is the king).
    how the work:
    New proyect :
    Before to start to make a proyect ,the wise man spend a one o two day, searching the best tecnical way to make the proyect.
    The next stage: the wise man , and the business provider have a meeting(one or two hours ), and they must decide how it make this proyect , if the wise man and business provider are not agree , the King must decide .
    Diary meeting:
    All days they have to meet to talk about the proyects of the company , new servers , new versions of tools , and changes of the bussine requirements in their company

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