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Lately, “Lean”—which derives from the lean manufacturing practices popularized by Honda and Toyota in the 1980s—has been a popular topic in software development circles. Not only does much of agile development have its roots in Lean’s streamlined, waste-averse practices, but Forester just held its Business Technology Forum which focused on the new concept of “Lean IT.”

Over at ZDNet, columnist Joe McKendrick wonders aloud what this new term actually means and, more specifically, what it means for teams developing software. Citing Wikipedia’s definition of Lean IT as “vague and convoluted,” he ultimately expresses doubt that Lean IT is much more than a new name for waste-reducing activities that agile developers have been using for years. Without a doubt, McKendrick thinks there’s value in the principles being advertised as “Lean IT,” he just doubts that they’re all that different from strategies that organizations are already using. Read the entire post here.

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This post was written by admin on November 2, 2009


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