Getting Down to Business with Games

Over at InfoQ, Deborah Hartmann Preuss reports on the values of games for teaching the principles of Scrum. If youÂ’ve ever attended a Certified ScrumMaster or Product Owner course, chances are your instructor led the group to a deeper understanding of Scrum and agile principles by playing a game or utilizing an interactive exercise. ItÂ’s an effective strategy for communicating difficult-to-grasp ideas in a fun and memorable way and itÂ’s becoming increasingly common for agile education.

IÂ’ve played a number of games over the course of my agile and Scrum education. If youÂ’re responsible for teaching your team or others in your organization, here are a few helpful links thatÂ’ll give you some proof that games are, in fact, valuable and will provide a few ideas for games to try.

HereÂ’s CST Kane Mar on the Ball Point Game, which he learned from Boris Gloger:

And hereÂ’s Katie Playfair of Danube Technologies arguing for the relevance of game-playing:

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