Webinar: Scrum Career Paths [38:58]
What roles exist within Scrum teams and organizations? How does my current functional role relate to a possible Scrum role? How can I get started as a ScrumMaster, Product Owner, or team member? DanubeÂ’s Katie Playfair answers these and other common questions related to defining your role in Scrum and finding a place to play it.

Webinar: Build a Better Product Owner [42:41]
Although Product Owners are responsible for driving the Scrum team, it’s not uncommon for most Product Owners to be overly busy and relatively untrained. In Danube CST Angela Druckman’s webinar, “Build a Better Product Owner,” she discusses strategies for Scrum team members to help their Product Owner improve his or her performance.

Webinar: What Is Scrum [41:10]
In this introductory webinar, which is ideal for fresh Scrum practitioners, DanubeÂ’s Katie Playfair discusses how working on a Scrum team is different than traditionally managed teams.

Webinar: Story Writing Basics [50:52]
In this webinar, Danube CST Jimi Fosdick reviews the basic requirements of writing User Stories, provides a rationale for that technique, and concludes with a discussion of how to incorporate more complex acceptance criteria.

e-Learning: The Scrum Training Series

Free online Scrum Master Training by a Certified Scrum Trainer.  Use this to prepare for a Scrum certification class or any online Scrum certification test.

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