How is Agile Changing the Way We Work?

By now, it’s practically accepted that software development and project management, generally, are being re-imagined by agile management techniques. But in a recent article on Projects@Work, called “Agile Drivers,” CST Angela Druckman explains why that is. As she explains, there are six factors that are driving agility in organizations—and they’re changing the way we conceive of doing business. To summarize, the six factors she identifies are:

  • The “hero” mentality gives way to collective intelligence.
  • Small teams rule.
  • Stop applying pressure, start removing impediments.
  • Focus on business value.
  • Distributed teams are the norm, not the exceptioin.
  • Roles will change.

Sound like some topics that have been on your mind lately? If so, I encourage you to take a look at DruckmanÂ’s article here.

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