ScrumMaster Checklist and Scrum Reference Card

An adequate ScrumMaster can handle two or three teams at a time. If you’re content to limit your role to organizing meetings, enforcing timeboxes, and responding to the impediments people explicitly report, you can get by with part time attention to this role. The team will probably still exceed the baseline, pre-Scrum expectation at your organization, and probably nothing catastrophic will happen.

But if you can envision a team that has a great time accomplishing things you didn’t previously consider possible, within a transformed organization — consider being a great ScrumMaster.

Check out the ScrumMaster Checklist written by Michael James. It will help you gauge the progress of your agile teams and help you answer questions like:
• How is my Product Owner doing?
• How is my team doing?
• How are our engineering practices doing?
• How is the organization doing?

To learn about Scrum from entertaining cartoon characters, see the Scrum Training Series.

Michael has also written the Scrum Reference Card, a valuable reference document for anyone practicing Scrum or other Agile disciplines.

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This post was written by admin on November 19, 2010